Price and payment


Basic accommodation is for 230 CZK for one night. Con is planned for 4 nights. If you want stay shorter, or longer
state it in registration form.
Entrance fee deposit is from 150 to 720 CZK. It includes the cost of 3 barbecues, prices for raffle, two tickets to the raffle and other costs. It will be finally billed on Sunday, can be a little higher.
On place you will pay the beer you will drink. Price will be about 25-30 CZK for one beer.

People who will use sauna will pay for it. It costs 1000 CZK for one use (1hour) and will be budget to all who entry.
Other group organised events can cost. This will be billed individualy.

Advance payment

The purpose of the advance is to make sure that you will come. Advance payment should be done before 11. 9. 2021. Who fails to pay till 11. 9., or will not dispute with me another way of payment, will be deleted from the atendee list. Who pays the deposit, and report back before 11. 9. will get money back. After this date without any important reason (illness, disaster or...) deposit will be used for all fun. If there be any important reason (illness, disaster or...) money for accomm will be returned and other fee for entry and BBQ will be used for all.
Any diferences in real amount (due transfer rate, etc.) we will solve when you arrive.

Amount of fee depend on registration input and max is: 1640 CZK (66 EUR).

Payment Methods

From Slovakia and other foreign countries I prefer you pay via PayPal to the address (Two single v - not one w). Use private payment and to payment subject DO NOT write anything, just send me other email with information about payment.
Full payment by this way is up to €66 + PayPal fees.
If you can not use Paypal, contact me and we will solve the advance payment method individually.
It is also possible use international money transfer, but outside EU all transfer fees costs a lot - remeber - ČR is not in the eurozone and so the charges can move up to 20 euros.
Bank should support eurotransfer SEPA which should be inside EU for free.
In this case is IBAN: CZ08 0600 0000 0001 9870 0685 and BIC (SWIFT): AGBACZPP, all fees pay you - use OUR.

If you have any problems with payment - contact me at once.