Minifurr Information

Minifurr is relaxation event for furries from Czechia, Slovakia and other world.
You should be here to meet with old and new friends, have fun and spend nice weekend in furry pack.  Hopefully we will prepare everything for your best mood.

It takes place in a nice area of central Highland, in tourist cottage, there is a simple relaxing programm, barbecue, fireplace, good beer...

The cottage offers basic comfortable 3-6 bed rooms with toilets in the hall, one big room with fire stove, fully equiped kitchen with cooker, owen, MW, fridges. Rooms are on upper floors with fully lined (bunk) beds. There are together 31 beds. In the cottage is finnish sauna for 6-8 persons with cold basin. It is possible use tennis courts, football ground and outside fireplace.

Basic bed capacity is limited to 31 creatures. Register even if the number of memebers exceeds 31, some drop out as always, and somebody may sleep on the ground in own sleepsacks. It is possible to accommodate in more luxury near pension. For more, visit the accommodation page.

On Thursday and Saturday afternoon we will prepare barbecue for all, on Friday will be baked piggy, included in entry fee. During the con will be served tapped beer and kofola. Information you can find on the food page.

The program is fun and relaxing.
We do not prepare too difficult and educative sigs. We would like that each has fun.
Around are the possibilities of walking and cycling tours in the surrounding forests, or you can go by car to Žďár nad Sázavou or other places of interests. For more, visit the program page.

Please, watch regularly the news page to know actual info.

Organizers may deny participation to anyone who do not want on Minifurr, without giving any reason.  Minifurr is not event organised in public interest, it is just meet of friends who will share together costs.Access is only for invited persons.

By registering you agree with using your email address by organizers for the meet organization purposes